We take pride in being accountable for our members’ expectations over us. We make sure that we deliver the best to them and we are willing to accept the responsibility for our delivery to our members

Integrity and Respect

We are a team with a purpose and we are respectful of our community, our collaborations and associates and our members who we consider as family


We will manage all our resources responsibly; financial, human and natural. We respect our surroundings and look ways to preserve and nurture it

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For the

Day Long

“Hackathons are where your crazy ideas becomes reality"

  • Competition which brings out best
  • Learn new technologies in limited time

Viz Workshops

To Learn
New Tools

Hour Long

“You don't have to have it all figured, workshop helps"

  • Learn Hands On tools from mentors
  • Get started with tools you don't know

Speaker Sessions

Networking Mixer

“Opportunities to grow your network with Industry Experts"

  • Learn from story of industry experts
  • Network with experters to know practical role

Our Vision

We are here to ease your journey towards beautiful visualization

EnVision provides a platform for collaboration among the students, professors and the industry professionals, so as to create a medium for information sharing and knowledge transfer in the field of data visualization through educational events and resources. EnVision also helps students develop professionally and find career opportunities by connecting them with industry leaders in analytics

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